This disturbing photo of a girl standing in a ‘Blood River’ after Eid al-Adha in Bangladesh is all real. At first look, many speculated this viral photo as photoshopped but the truth is even bitter. The photograph was clicked by Bangladeshi documentary photographer & photojournalist Nasif Imtiaz in Narayanganj city. He uploaded that photo along with other photographs and videos as below in comments to his post to prove that it is not photoshopped. Animal sacrifice on the festival of Eid al-Adha been on a large scale. Eventually heavy rains caused a flood in some parts of city due to poor drainage system and that is how ‘Blood River’ formed in a Bangladesh.

Series of fake photos being shared on social media depicted as Rohingya Genocide against Muslims in Rakhine state of Myanmar had fueled the massacre out there. Note: Photos are blurred due to graphic violence. Even the Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey, Mehmet Simsek regretted later posting the fake photos wrongfully in his tweet. But it was quickly criticised by alert users about the authenticity of the photographs. Correction: My earlier twit regretfully included pics that wrongfully depicted massacre taking place in #Rohingya against #Muslims by error. — Mehmet Simsek (@memetsimsek) September 1, 2017   A number of twitteratis have reveled the believed sources of those photos. Few are as below: Below photo is believed to be of flood and landslide victims caused by very heavy rainfall in the plains of Nepal. Please see the link. One of those viral photos is actually a cover photo of Africa’s Killing Fields book. Please see the link.   Also that photo of floating bodies believed to be of river boat accident in Myanmar. Please see theContinue reading »